вторник, 8 ноября 2016 г.

Chia pudding with berries

Chia seeds is an excellent superfood comprising a plurality of antioxidants, calcium and omega-3 and omega-6. Furthermore, when added to a liquid, they swell, becoming a jelly-like mass, and it is called chia pudding.

You can mix chia seeds with any liquid, but my personal favorites are milk and yoghurt. 

воскресенье, 6 ноября 2016 г.

Breakfast in Roamers Berlin

Last weekend we went to Berlin and had an amazing breakfast in Roamers Berlin.
It's a cozy small place in a suburb area. They serve perfect brunch with salad, avocado, hummus and fried eggs as well as several kind of cakes and lots of drinks. 

Starbucks Pink Coffee Jelly Summer Drink

This drink is a homemade version of Starbucks coffee jelly drink. To make it more interesting, add food colors and sprinkles.